Three Deadly Eating Disorders

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A lot of people around us that is in our neighbours, at our homes, in our peer circle, etc does not care about any kind of eating. But they don’t know that there can be eating disorders which further leads to many threatening diseases in future if they are not treated or controlled. Some of the common life threatening diseases caused by eating disorders are stroke; heart attack; kidney failure, etc. Millions of people around the world suffer from these eating disorders. Eating disorders are not just about eating improperly but it is about not eating also. Some of the common eating disorders are listed below in brief.

Night Eating Syndrome: This syndrome was less known by the people and was diagnosed in 1950 by Dr. Albert Stunkard. According to the Walden centre, people suffering from eating disorders usually take food at night but not in significant quantities. At the early stage of an eating disorder, people are unable to identify the problem and small things get avoided. But later when the problem increases then the same is identified. Depression, anxiety, dangerous cholesterols level are some of its symptoms.

Restrictive Food Intake Disorder: According to a survey people start showing the symptoms of eating disorders since childhood and then the same problem continues to adulthood. From the beginning, the child should be fed with proper calories as required by the body and should not be selective every time. As these problems continue for long and become unavoidable when a child reaches adulthood. Few vegetables/ fruits/ pulses are never taken in whereas it should be taken. Some of the most common symptoms of these diseases are weight loss, failure to thrive. Some people also face nutritional deficiencies. Even the psychological and mental development also gets affected because of improper calories.

Compulsive Exercising or Anorexia Athletica: Exercising has always been considered as a good healthy lifestyle. But a person who just begins exercising goes through a very unhealthy relationship. These people avoid eating food and release all their energy in exercising whether they are in a good mood or bad. They always keep their anxiety/ depression out in their work style and make it a medium of controlling their lives.

A lot of eating disorders can be controlled if they are identified at the very first stage. These disorders can be treated well with medicines and with other ailments if not left unnoticed.